1 § Name and residence of foundation

Name of foundation is Design Foundation Finland (Fin. Suomen Muotoilusäätiö) and the Foundation`s official residence is the City of Lahti, Finland 

2 § Purpose of Foundation

Purpose of the Foundation is to support and improve design research, education and development in Finland.

3 § Implementation of purpose

Operations of Foundation

-Maintaining the Design Help Service Centre

-Sharing grants and support

-Implementing design-promoting activities

-Maintaining relationships with international design organizations

-Operating in multiple ways to support design

4 § Funds of foundation

Primary funds of the Foundation include 80.000€ in donations by the founders of the Foundation. This primary fund is permanent and untouchable.

The Foundation has an operating fund which includes all revenues, donations, testaments and grants. The Board makes all decisions on use of these funds in accordance with the Rules of the Foundation.

The Foundation is entitled to receive testaments and donations. The Foundation can also increase wealth in accordance to the Law of Foundations. Donations and testaments must be used for the purpose named by the donor. In any other cases the Board will decide on the use of these funds according to the Rules of The Foundation.

All assets must be invested in a revenue-generating way if not in immediate use.

5 § Organization of the foundation

The organizational bodies of the Foundation consist of the Board, a Council elected by the Board and a group of Design Experts.

6 § Board of Foundation

The Foundation is represented, and its operations are managed by the Board. The Board consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and three other Members with their deputy Members.

The members of the board must expertly represent matters within the Foundation's field of activity.

The Board Members are elected by the Board of The Foundation for the term of office of five (5) years. The first Board was elected by founders of The Foundation.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected by the Board for the term of office of one /1) year. It is possible to re-elect the Chairman and Vice Chairman.

7 § Board meeting

Each Member of the Board has a one vote. The Chairman makes the final decision when votes are at equal situation. In a personal election decision must be made by lottery when votes are at equal situation.

The Board have capacity for decision-making when more than a half of Board members are present including Chairman or Vice Chairman.

The Board shall meet at written request of the Chairman, the Vice chairman or at least two members of the Board.

Invitations to the meetings shall be sent to the members at least five days before the meeting.

Board meetings must be held at least biannually. The Annual meeting must be held in May at the latest and the Autumn meeting in November or December.

Matters to be discussed at the Annual meeting:

-Presenting the annual report and previous year's financial statements

-Presenting the Accountant's report

- Deciding on the approval of the accounts and on the measures, which may give rise to an opinion by the Auditors

-Determining the fees of the Auditors, and

- dealing with any other matters presented in the invitation to the meeting.

At the Autumn meeting

-Electing a member of the Board of Directors and his personal reserve to replace a member resigning for the term beginning at the beginning of the following calendar year, and

- dealing with any other matters presented in the invitation to the meeting.

8 § Duties of the Board

The Board decides on matters concerning the Foundation's operations and finances, as well as on future plans.

In addition, the Board is responsible for, among other things:

- Electing the members of the Advisory Group

-Electing the Chairman of the Board, the Deputy Chairman and, if necessary, new members of the Board

-Electing a representative for the Foundation

-Electing the Auditors and their deputies

-Selecting other Foundation staff, as appropriate

- The Board decides on matters concerning the Foundation's operations and finances, as well as on plans.

- Approving the Foundation's activity report and accounts.

9 § Attorney

The administration of the Foundation and its day-to-day affairs are carried out by an Attorney elected by the Board, whose duties include, in particular, the preparation, presentation and implementation of matters relating to fundraising, financial management and the use of funds by the Foundation's Board.

10 § Design Advisory Group

The Board will select a Design Advisory Group to assist with specific responsibilities such as:

-Advising the Foundation's Governing Board on matters relating to design research, training and development

- Monitoring developments in the design sector

- Making recommendations to the Government for action, and

- Preparing, at the request of the Governing Board, questions related to the Foundation's grant decisions.

11 § Financial statement

The Foundation's financial year is a calendar year. The accounts and the annual report must be submitted to the Auditors by the end of February. The Audit report must be submitted to the Board of the Foundation by 15 March each year.

12 § Accountants

Before the beginning of each financial year, the Board of Directors elects two Auditors, who must be Authorized Public Accountants or an Authorized Public Accountant, and two deputy Auditors for the following financial year, respectively, and determines their remuneration.

13 § Signature rights

The signature of the foundation shall be written by the Chairman, Vice Chairman or a person authorized by the board alone.

14 § Amendment of Rules and cessation of activities

Amendments to the Rules and termination of the Foundation's activities shall be decided at a Board meeting and the proposal made shall receive a majority of the votes cast in order to be effective and viable.

Upon the dissolution of the Foundation, its assets shall be transferred for a purpose closely related to the activities of the Foundation.